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155 New Affordable Homes for Seniors

In September 2018 Dania submitted its proposal to BC Housing for funding under the new Building BC Community Housing Fund program.  At a news conference on November 13 by the Office of the Premier and the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing  – – Dania Society was awarded $ 14.2 million for 142 homes for seniors. We thank our friends from the health care sector as well as the municipal, provincial and federal levels of politicians for expressing strong support for Dania’s proposal and ensuring success.

Since then BC Housing has further defined their need for Seniors Affordable Housing to focus on 1 – bedroom apartments and Dania’s revised plans are now being submitted accordingly.  As you can imagine the Dania Board of Directors and staff are very pleased and excited about the project, and everybody look forward to making this addition to the Dania campus a success.

So what is Seniors Affordable Housing?  As described by BCH in the announcement referenced above it requires 30% of the units to be for households with middle incomes, 50% for a range of low- to moderate-income households and 20% for households with low incomes.

As we move forward, the next mile stones in the project process are Rezoning and BC Housing Preliminary Project Approval.

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