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About Us
Leadership & Board

Our Board of Directors

Mr. Paul Christensen President

Mr. Dan Olsen Vice President

Ms. Anne Christiansen Treasurer

Mrs. Ebba Grey Secretary

Mrs. Else Rollke Director at Large

Ms. Jane Roberts Director

Ms. Sussanne Hoiberg Director

Mr. Kim Christensen Director

Mr. Christopher Roberts Director

Ms. Rita Craighead President of Ladies Auxiliary

Our Leadership Team

Lui Franciosi Executive Director

Chantal Morris Director of Residential Care and Assisted Living

Kenneth Wong Comptroller

Donna Isbister Office Manager

Simon Chai Maintenance Worker, Dania Manor & CMM

Brittany Embree-Naswell CARECORP Care Coordinator, Dania Home

Castor Sy CARECORP Care Coordinator, Dania Manor

Paolo Magtibay CARECORP Accreditation Coordinator, Dania Home

Hazel Baquiran CARECORP Recreation Coordinator, Dania Home

To Be Announced Maintenance Worker, Dania Home

Loveleen Kaur ANGEL FOOD Support Services Manager, Dania Campus