Your Care Plan over the next two weeks

Your Primary Care Nurse will: Include your abilities, physical, social and emotional needs, and cultural and spiritual preferences based on the following 8 required categories:

  1. Falls Prevention
  2. Nutrition
  3. Oral Care
  4. Skin Care (Full baths or showers are scheduled for each resident as required based on their individual skin care plan.)
  5. Recreation Care Plan
  6. Pain Assessment & Management
  7. Medication
  8. REAB – This stands for Responding to Excessive and Agitated Behaviours. This category guides staff on how to approach and direct residents who are unable to control their inappropriate and challenging behaviours.

Your care plan will promote your participation in your own care based on your unique abilities and maintaining as much independence as possible. When appropriate, self – care techniques will be included. For example a Care Plan may include assisting you to prepare your toothbrush and encouraging you to brush your own teeth. You Care Plan will be discussed with you and/or substitute decision maker/family member. In this way we encourage your participation in the development and decision making required and ensure the goals of your care plan are yours.   The Dietitian will visit you to:

  • Complete a nutritional assessment
  • Complete your nutrition care plan based on your nutritional needs and preferences

You may download a sample menu for viewing An Activity Aide will visit you to:

  • Complete a recreation assessment
  • Complete a recreation care plan based on your needs and preferences

You may download a sample activity calendar for viewing   After living at Dania for 6 weeks and every year after that, your Resident Care Conference will take place. Here various members of your care team (nursing, recreation, pharmacy, physician, dietician, etc.) will participate in the development, review or revision of your care plan. You are invited are encouraged to attend. The best way for you to achieve your goals is to follow your Care Plan. We count on all Care Team members, including you to commit to and follow the plan. If the plan isn’t working and / or we need to make changes we will include you and your choice of family members in any further discussions. Safety is always our top priority. All Care Plans are developed to ensure resident and staff safety.

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The Accreditation Logo

Dania is one of a few care facilities in Canada to have earned Accreditation with Exemplary Standing from Accreditation Canada for 2018 - 2022. Accreditation Canada certifies that Dania and its contractors meet the national standards of quality for health services set by the Council.