Safety & Security

Dania Home is committed to a culture that values and promotes resident and staff safety. We provide the following safety and security features:

  • Monitored sprinkled fire system, monthly fire drills.
  • Call bells in bedroom, bathrooms and common areas.
  • Key pad entry at exterior doors and to the neighborhood entry doors.
  • Video surveillance at exits
  • An emergency generator supplies lighting and power outlets should a power outage occur.

Dania Home asks that the following be observed:

Alcohol Use: In order to minimize the risk of alcohol interacting with other medications, the use of alcohol must be ordered by the Physician. The alcohol will be securely kept in the Medication Room and will be dispensed by the Nurse.

Emergency Response: Fire Alarms. With the sounding of the fire alarm, you and your visitors are requested to remain where you are and follow the directions of the staff during a drill or fire alarm.

Security: Key Pads for Secured Areas. Keypads have been installed on all external doors for the security of residents and staff. An intercom is available for visitors who may not have the access code. Access codes are provided to family members on move-in. Dania Home is secured from 11:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. Keypads will not be operative during this time. Visitors at this time may use the Intercom at the front door or call the Nurse to be allowed entry.

Smoking: For those residents able to smoke safely and independently a smoking gazebo is located on the main floor grounds. Staff monitor residents in the smoking area on a regular basis and accompany residents into the smoking area as needed. Staff must leave the smoking area before residents light their cigarettes and begin smoking. Smoking for Staff, volunteers, contractors and visitors on organization’s owned premises is prohibited.

Wash Your Hands!: Please follow this link, it shows the correct way to wash your hands to keep our Residents healthy & safe! 

Dania Home
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The Accreditation Logo

Dania is one of a few care facilities in Canada to have earned Accreditation with Exemplary Standing from Accreditation Canada for 2018 - 2022. Accreditation Canada certifies that Dania and its contractors meet the national standards of quality for health services set by the Council.