Personal Resident Services

Cablevision Service

  • There is a hook-up for cablevision and digital boxes have been installed by Shaw with remotes in each room.
  • A cablevision charge is added to each month’s rent and you are responsible for any materials/connections required to set up the TV.
  • Family is responsible for calling the provider should they wish to add extra channels in the assigned room and any fee that goes with it.

Mail Service

  • Postage stamps can purchased at reception for personal outgoing mail
  • Residents may use the Dania Home address to receive personal incoming mail

Newspaper Service

  • Resident/families are responsible for ordering, payment and cancellation of newspaper subscriptions
  • Ask the provider to label the newspaper with the resident’s name

Telephone Service

  • Resident telephone service must be arranged by the resident or family through Telus at 604-310-2255. There may be a connection fee.
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The Accreditation Logo

Dania is one of a few care facilities in Canada to have earned Accreditation with Exemplary Standing from Accreditation Canada for 2018 - 2022. Accreditation Canada certifies that Dania and its contractors meet the national standards of quality for health services set by the Council.