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2012 Events

Wednesday December 12th 
Dania's Christmas Open House


From the desk of the Executive Director: Summer 2011

Some of you may not be aware of the fantastic team of partners that work with us at Dania and Normanna to provide vital services to our residents. In the next few newsletters I will be introducing you to these individuals.

The first is Eldon Hedden, our physiotherapist.

Eldon is a registered Physiotherapist who has been working with our residents since November 2004. He is an enthusiastic, active individual who enjoys running and attending the gym.


His overall philosophy is to “Keep moving, walk or participate and laugh everyday”.


He and his assistant provide rehabilitation programs to keep the residents mobile, safe and involved.


He provides initial assessments, staff and resident in-services and family consultations for Dania Manor, Dania Home & Normanna on issues such as mobility, mobility aides required, falls assessment and transfers as well as hands on treatment for orthopedic pain and joint or soft tissue injury/inflammation.


His rehabilitation assistant, directed by the Eldon, provides walking programs, exercise programs (group or individual), range of motion exercises and soft tissue stretching and massage. The treatment team members also receive instructions as to the functional/physical needs of each resident.


Eldon and his assistant have a passion for the elderly, they deserve the best and when assisted will maintain their mobility with less risk and less pain.  



From the desk of the Executive Director: Spring 2010

Normanna and Dania held their Annual Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon on Thursday, April 29th and once again the event was a resounding success.
A lovely lunch of hearty sandwiches, soup and strawberry shortcake was served by Servantage.  
Dania Board President Dan Olsen and Normanna Board President Herb Adrian assisted Jipa SeniBuli, Manager of Recreation & Volunteers, in handing out certificates of recognition from MP Peter Julian and MLA Raj Chouhan to all our volunteers. It was heartening to see the age rage of volunteers, from 17 to 96.

City of Burnaby Councilor, Paul McDonell took the time to say a few words to the attendees thanking them for making volunteering a part of their lives and reminding them of how important their contribution is to others. Organizations such as Normanna and Dania would not be the Homes they are today without our volunteers to assist us.

Margaret Douglas-Matthews
Executive Director 

Dania Board President Dan Olsen
Normanna Board President Herb Adrian
Jipa SeniBuli, Manager of Recreation & Volunteers


2011 Events

Sunday June 12th 
Ladies Bazzar on the Dania grounds

Wednesday, July 20th  
Annual Chicken & Salmon Barbeque on the Dania grounds

Saturday, September 24th 
Fall Fair in the Carl Mortensen Manor auditorium 

Friday, November 11th
Remembrance Day service at Dania Home

Saturday, November 26th 
at Carl Mortensen Manor auditorium 

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